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From prototyping everything is beginning. At first there is an idea, which has its start in the greatest minds and which is transformed into the particular project. After all from this project will be a product, which you will be using. At this stage you will assess the functionality of the designed element and we will adjust everything to yours remarks, correcting design and visual faults. In the short time we will create for youthe truly functional prototype, which will be a ground for producing the element of the best quality.

3D printing

The best quality, the accuracy and the speed. And to it low manufacture cost. That is all what is singling out our 3D printing. Using this technology we know that we are offering for or customers the service up to their expectations. Cutting of costs and working hours in comparison to traditional methods of production in on the level of 90%. And the received prototype is truly functional.


An injection is a synonym of the fast production in the excellent price. It is a technology which is giving unlimited production possibilities. It is not important which plastics you are interested in and how many pieces of elements you want to produce on one form. We will make it for you efficiently and in compliance of high standards. And received elements will surprise you with extraordinary endurance, comparable to steel ejaculatory forms.


Both from aesthetic as well as practical considerations, often applied form of processing of detail is varnishing. We are carrying it with the help of new technology and with the care of the smallest detail. Thanks to that elements produced by us are even more extrinsic factors proof, as well as are much more slowly undergoing the ageing process.

Pad printing

Tampography – i.e. pad printing it is a method of carrying imprints, which we apply not without a cause. Because for our customers we are choosing the best technologies! Pad printing enables the tagging a lot of elements in the short time. And what is very important, the imprint carried out in this way is characterized by a high resolution. Thanks to that even small projects are legible.